Femeconomy eBook design

Femeconomy eBook design and social media graphics

Working with Women for Women

Femeconomy is a membership organisation that fosters gender equality through educating consumers on the power of the purse and the endorsement of female-led brands. Their Female Leader Conversations eBook highlights successful woman and their outstanding results in business.

Salt Design has worked with Femeconomy to design and create two recent editions of these eBooks.

Design considerations

Every project has its own unique range of considerations during our initial design development stage. With the Female Leader Conversations eBook, there were numerous factors that impacted the design and final output. Some factors include technical requirements, whilst other considerations provided us with a strong creative direction…

Colour palette

Our client’s design brief held a very definite stipulation regarding the document colour palette – that pink and purple were not to feature in any way whatsoever! What an awesome challenge – to escape the cliché and develop an aesthetically pleasing, feminine and empowering colour palette!

The 2020 colours, navy and teal, provided such a strong, professional balance being both subtle and the dramatic when applied to our design layout.

Image use

We encountered a technical limitation during the detailed design development process that needed to be resolved. Each featured professional supplied their own photographic digital image… some were landscape format; some portrait; some were close-up headshots; while others location-based. To accommodate each of the varying image formats, we designed multiple page layouts, with different image placement and orientations to ensure the most effective application of the supplied images. Our design solution gave the eBook a ‘magazine-style’ presentation – adding to the appeal and readability of the document.

Design for Social Media

Another factor which we set out to ‘solve’ with our design was that each eBook is distributed via Social Media. This required a design which enabled interactivity and compelled the reader to ‘click’ through to each Leader’s own website and social media channels.

Our client had previously encountered issues promoting the eBook on LinkedIn (their main distribution point). The platform would crop the cover image, cutting off the title and/or the featured Leader’s head. We designed the cover to resolve this issue and ensure all information was confined within the graphic boundaries stipulated for LinkedIn.

To assist in the digital promotion of each e-Book, we also designed digital images for Femeconomy’s blog, email signatures, Facebook and Instagram posts.

Pride in our purpose

Gender equality is a topic that we feel strongly about in our studio. We felt privileged and empowered to contribute to this inspiring and insightful project. Working with an organisation which actively promotes strong women, and female-led brands gave us both purpose and pride in our creative contribution to these impactful documents!

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Femeconomy eBook design and social media assetsFemeconomy eBook design and social media assets