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At the top of our game

Salt elevated Apex Facades’ business profile, enabling their brand to tower above their competitors.

Rigged up and ready for anything

We certainly rose to the challenge when we were handed the reins to create a digital interactive corporate profile from the ground up!

At Salt, we strive to work collaboratively with our clients. We also have a responsibility to use our design expertise to lead a project and push the envelope in terms of design and maximising content value.

For this project, we created a theme which was carried through every aspect of the document – from content research and writing, to copywriting playful headlines, to creating an edgy design and including our client’s awesome photography!

From our very first conversation with Apex Facades, we knew we were in for a fun and exciting ride! We loved their energy and passion for the business which elevated our expectations for this project to an even higher level.

Rising to the challenge

We set to work researching the business, their achievements, industry and competitors. From the insights gained, we began shaping the direction for the profile, taking on board our client’s vision, observations, likes and dislikes; and most importantly defining and showcasing the ‘why’ of the business.

While our clients were out scaling facades, we were refining the draft content they provided, wordsmithing pun-intended headings and preparing the text ready for the next step in our process – the design phase…

Elevating their brand profile

We visually-linked the profile theme by utilising dramatic photography, strong directional design devices and angles using a high-contrast colour palette. Our design absolutely represented Apex’s brand personality – innovative, daring and proactive!

After nailing the design brief, it was time to incorporate the interactive element which would provide readers with multiple ‘small bites’ of information. This feature also enabled us to effectively manage a large amount of content while keeping the PDF file size relatively small and suitable for emailing.

Apex pride themselves as innovation specialists, so we were especially keen to use interactive features to showcase their approach, and to engage and impress potential clients.

The sky’s the limit

Our client soars at heights we can only dream about! Telling their story from a photographic perspective was a powerful tool and certainly provided the hero element in our design.

We shared with the Apex team the value of strong photography and why investing in taking photos of the highest quality from the get-go truly makes an impactful difference to the finished result. From our insights, our client was able to provide us with such an amazing, quality library of images that we were spoilt for choice!

We are using our phone cameras more often to capture candid moments, then quickly posting these to social platforms. Although technology has come a long way, it’s important to recognise that these images are not always suitable for the variety of mediums and materials we design. For example, while a photo may be fine for your brochure, it’s too small to scale-up to suit a wall mural.

Reflecting on a job well done

At the completion of a project, there’s an amazing feeling of satisfaction we get when we’ve achieved a result that we’re proud of – brilliant design with strong brand messaging. This project was a great example of delivering the total package. And the best reward – our client was even happier with the result!

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