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Meet Hannah :: Senior Designer, Salt Design

Hannah DonaldsonMeet Hannah! Our Senior Designer at Salt Design. 

So much of our Salty brilliance stems from Hannah’s drive to achieve great things for our clients. Her passion for great design is at the heart of everything she creates!

Hannah is methodical in her processes, which results in a calibre of design production that has our print suppliers in awe. Her eye for detail is second-to-none (just you try getting that a mis-placed apostrophe past her eagle-eyed proofing!)

When it comes to the new and exciting design directions Hannah is no follower – she’s our trend-setter! Yet it’s her considered approach which truly illustrates Hannah’s creative maturity. Brand development, corporate literature, product packaging, even the simplest social media post – all benefit from Han’s focus on achieving visual gorgeousness which meets the brief spot on! And Hannah’s personal style exudes her confidence, capability and genuine love for design and client service.

Hannah is such an authentic, trusting and caring soul. She’s the glue that binds our creative team!

Tasty morsels about Hannah . . .

  • Hannah is the studio’s dedicated sports fanatic!
  • Hannah is a tea lover and expert biccie dunker – an early morning cuppa tea on the farm at Nan’s was a perfect start to the day!
  • Hannah enjoys late night blog exploring, getting lost in links and spending far too long on Pinterest.
  • Hannah loves all things creative, and can’t get enough of Fox & Fallow greeting cards and stationery, Three Birds Renovations YouTube and Joanna Gaines.


Favourite colour: Navy blue
Favourite food: White chocolate & raspberry muffins
Favourite sport: NBA, Motor Racing, Rugby League {all sports except golf!}
Favourite escape: Countryside with a view to the ocean
Cat or dog person: Dog.

salt-shaker-signoffBecause everything tastes better with a sprinkle of salt!