Salt Vision - A step back in time

Way back in 2003, when it all began – we needed a studio name.

Why Salt?

Way back in 2003, when it all began – we needed a studio name. Something that described who we were as creatives and what our vision was for the business. “SALT” epitomised all that we wanted to be known for: bringing out the best in our client’s business, enhancing what is already there; no ego-driven design, just confident capability that speaks for itself; and a homage to our love of the ocean and our ‘special’ place – Stradbroke Island.

Branding design evolution

  • 2003

    Our humble beginnings…

    Looking back – the design is sooo dated and more than a little cringe-worthy. Yet at the time, it certainly met the brief: to reflect understated confidence; to be on trend but not ‘trendy’; and to showcase our passion for typography and print embellishments.

    Trivia: The single drilled hole was a reference to a salt shaker. Single holes indicate salt, while three holes indicate pepper.

  • 2010

    As business grows, so too did the number of holes!

    As our studio has grown, our branding has evolved. Reinterpreting elements from our original logo created this sophisticated identity which matched our ‘coming of age’.

    This was a time when print was a large component of our projects. We chose exquisite textured paper stocks for our branded stationery. And our business cards incorporated a number of embellishments: metallic foils, embossing and laser cutting – a truly beautiful presentation of design possibilities!

  • 2016

    Showcasing our new capabilities

    As an established design studio, it was time for a further evolution of our branding. Our studio’s introduction of digital print capabilities enabled us to print our stationery in-house. It also provided the design direction towards bright, multicoloured components… “Would you like a red Business card – or perhaps a green, or purple, or blue one!”

    We also refined our brand statement to: Collaborate. Create. which epitomises the ‘How’ for all that we do.

  • 2021

    Is it time for a new refresh soon??

    Our name remains unchanged as it reflects all that we are – creative, passionate and achieving the best result for every project. The next stage in our brand evolution will be a considered step, defining and directing our studio’s growth and capabilities. When will the next design refinement occur? You’ll just have to keep connected with our journey to find out!

The evolution of a brand and its visual identity is not specific to designer studios like Salt. It’s a process common to every business wanting to stay current and engage effectively within their marketplace. Many of our clients have asked the question “When should we update our brand identity?” Read our next Blog for our insight into this challenging question…

salt-shaker-signoffBecause everything is better with a sprinkle of salt!