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SALT 2018 October Calendar // FREE Wallpaper

The Salt Design 2018 Calendar is here – a homage to our most loved modern artists and art movements.

October – by Daile

Jean Miro 1893 – 1983

Miró’s attachment to the landscape of his country of birth was crucial in his work. His connection to the land and his interest in everyday objects and in the natural environment formed the backdrop to some of his technical and formal research.

Miró pursued a constant quest for a pure, global art that could not be classified under any specific movement.

It was through art that Joan Miró expressed rebelliousness and a strong sensitivity to the political and social events around him. These conflicting forces led him to create a unique and extremely personal language that makes him one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

In early 2017, we had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona, Spain. Such energy and expression, so vivid and alive! During our travels between Barcelona and Madrid, we also saw first-hand the countryside and landscapes that inspired Miro’s work. However, it was the colour and abstract shapes and elements in his work that we find most engaging.

Today we can find elements of similar visual expression in graphic design, fashion and interior design. Colour and abstract patterning provide us with avenues for creative expression far beyond real-life visuals such as photography and more traditional portrayals of landscapes.

The freedom an artist like Jean Miro has to visually express his emotions, thoughts and beliefs provides us (the viewer) with the opportunity to interpret, adopt and personalise what we see into an expression of our own emotions, ideas and beliefs. Seeing then truly becomes believing!



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salt-shaker-signoffBecause everything tastes better with a sprinkle of salt!


Joan Miro artwork

Images via: The smile of the flamboyant wings – Joan Miro. Snob Party – Joan Miro. Works at the Fundació Joan Miró. Big Garden – Rachel Castle. Gorman ClothingKiNDAH KHALiDY. Jenny Kee.


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