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SALT 2018 April Calendar // FREE Wallpaper

The Salt Design 2018 Calendar is here – a homage to our most loved modern artists and art movements.

April – by Hannah

Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was one of the most prolific and acclaimed artists of the 20th century. While he was best known for his Surrealist work, Dali had an expansive artistic repertoire which also included film, sculpture, and photography.

As an apt homage to Dali, our Salt Calendar design for April turns things upside-down – drawing inspiration from the melting, spiraling elements of the artist’s most popular work, The Persistence of Memory.

One of the most distinguishable aspects of the Surrealist movement and of Dali’s work was revealing unexpected juxtapositions and exploring everyday objects in an highly imaginative and somewhat abstract manner.

I particularly love Dali’s unique perspectives and symbolism, his slowing of time, notion of weightlessness and how he could bring his unconscious/dreams to life through his art.

Whilst walking alongside the river Thames during a visit to London in 2007, I had my own slightly ‘surreal’ encounter when I stumbled upon a tribute to Dali (The Dalí Universe: London). The bronze sculpture was such a striking contrast juxtaposed in front of the stunning London cityscape, complemented by the ornate lamp posts that lined the sidewalk of The Queen’s Walk. The piece embodied all that I love about Dali’s work – right down to the manner in which I discovered the artwork. It is a fond memory I hold to this day!

How wonderful to know Dali is as inspirational to me and other art lovers today as he has ever been!


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1. Dali portrait. 2. The Persistence of Memory. 3. London Eye. 4. Dali sculpture. 5. The temptation. 6. Lobster Telephone 1936.



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