Introducing Daile :: Director, Salt Design

As founding designer and Director of Salt Design, Daile’s passion for great design and good service has never faded during her career spanning over 25 years in the Brisbane design industry.

Daile is a designer with a strong strategic focus and technical expertise in print production and project management. Her level of experience ensures Salt Design effectively manages the delivery of contemporary design, high quality and cost-efficient print collateral. Prior to the inception of Salt Design, Daile was a Senior Designer in the Marketing and Communications Unit in Queensland Government Treasury Department during which time she was responsible for the design and production of the Annual State Budget-related documentation.

Daile’s understanding and dedication to the application of the Queensland Government corporate identity stems from her involvement in its initial roll-out to the whole-of-government design community. This experience has provided Salt Design with immense capabilities to creatively design within the requirements of the government identity. Daile’s experience working with public sector clients has also resulted in an inherent understanding of the protocols and approval processes required when working with such clients. Daile’s individual design work has received a number of industry accolades including the National Print Awards; Public Sector Management Annual Report Awards and Queensland Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards (PICAs).

Tasty morsels about Daile . . .

  • Daile is a self-confessed animal tragic! She has two cats (Amber the burmese and Lucy the Ragdoll) who she absolutely adores
  • Daile named the studio based on her love of all things salty and in homage to her childhood experiences living on Stradbroke Island
  • Daile’s dream is to set up a luxury B&B farm-stay which will also be home to many, many animals including dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, pigs, cows and an alpaca!

Favourite colour:
Fluro lime green
Favourite food: Seafood
Favourite sport: Cricket!
Favourite escape: any where I can hear the sea! (definitely Straddie!)
Cat or dog person: BOTH!

salt-shaker-signoffBecause everything tastes better with a sprinkle of salt!


Meet Daile Drevins - Director, Salt Design

Our humble beginnings

How do you come up with a catchy memorable quirky name for a new design studio?

This is the very question I was confronted with almost 10 years ago when I decided to start up Salt Design.

So – why Salt?

Firstly, salt is a flavour enhancer. It’s used in cooking to bring out other flavours. Ever wondered why salted caramel taste so good? The sweetness of the caramel is actually amplified by the salt. In a similar way I saw how design can bring out the best in our client’s business, to accentuate their appeal to their own customers.

On another level, I believe we are the ‘salt of the earth’. We’re humble people who just love what we do and love doing it well – providing good service and quality design to our clients.

Another reason for choosing ‘salt’ is a very personal one. For my entire life I have loved and lived for the sea. Swimming, fishing, diving – it’s my special place. Over the past 10 years Salt has become my ‘other’ special place where I have come to share a love for design with others (both staff and clients). It’s where I have gained a sense of pride and sense of self. As much as the sea epitomises who I am – Salt now represents what a team of dedicated, passionate people like everyone at Salt can achieve!

And lastly, I should probably mention that when there’s tequila and lime on hand – I’m a tad over-zealous with the saltshaker!

salt-shaker-signoffBecause everything tastes better with a sprinkle of salt!

Image :: Stradbroke Island